Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer

The Alternative Handbook
Author: Dr Cordelia Galgut
* Highly Commended in the Popular Medicine category BMA Books Awards 2014 *
About me

I am a counselling psychologist and an author, born in Liverpool, England in 1955. I have written two books on the emotional impact of breast cancer, both written from my dual perspective as a psychologist and a woman who was twice diagnosed with the disease in 2004. One book, The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer: A Psychologist's Insight as a Patient, was written ostensibly for health professionals, though many women with breast cancer and people around them have read it and found it useful, too.


My recent handbook is for women sufferers, their partners, family and friends. I have also written many articles on a variety of subjects in both academic journals and the popular press. I prefer not to stand back from the things I write, believing that my audience prefers me to use my own experience to help them, not shy away from the fact that I am human too! Feedback from my readers testifies to this time and time again, as Amazon reviews of my books confirm.


When I am not writing, I see clients in my private practice in London, supporting a range of people emotionally with a diverse variety of issues. Click here to visit my counselling website.


As a person, I challenge conventional thinking a lot, because it comes naturally to me to do this, and when I write, this is what I tend to do. It's not necessarily the easiest path to tread in life, but there are many rewards, too!








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