Emotional Support Through Breast Cancer

The Alternative Handbook
Author: Dr Cordelia Galgut
* Highly Commended in the Popular Medicine category BMA Books Awards 2014 *
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The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer: A Psychologist’s Insights as a Patient
£14.99, Radcliffe Publishing, 2010

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What is it like to experience breast cancer? This book presents rare and valuable insights into the impact of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis from a woman who has experienced breast cancer as both patient and as health professional. It informs and educates readers about the psychological realities of living with breast cancer, of treatments such as surgery and radiotherapy, and the impact of social and historical attitudes to the breast and breast cancer on a woman's experience of the disease. The conflicts Cordelia Galgut experienced between conventional wisdom and her own first-hand experience are explored vividly and reflectively. The Psychological Impact of Breast Cancer is vital reading for medical and mental health professionals and trainees working with breast cancer patients, and for those who are affected by or have an interest in the condition.


'This book has helped me understand the complexities that my patients present and has turned me into a better doctor. It has eased my way along the road that I now travel as a cancer survivor.' - Dr Cathy Roberts in her Foreword


'The aim of this book, and the way forward, is to understand that we must all be more sensitive to the feelings of patients and to the suffering, uncertainty and sense of vulnerability that this disease imposes upon them.' - Dr Carmel Coulter in her Foreword


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